Fidelity Wars #91: R.E.M. – “Final Straw” (MoveOn Mix)

I wouldn’t call myself a fan of R.E.M., but the band has made some pretty good songs through its career, some of which have done commercially rather well. Not being a fan of the band I rarely seek out the band’s music, but rather I stumble over it from time to time, and one of their songs I stumbled over earlier this year was the “Final Straw” from the compilation Future Soundtrack For America, which is this week’s pick.

R.E.M. – “Final Straw (MoveOn Mix)”

The version of the song featured on the song is labeled MoveOn Mix – I’m guessing because the compilation was a benefit record for the organization MoveOn.  Having briefly compared it to the original, it’s pretty similar, mostly with the volumes tweaked some on the various layers. Most notably, the synth sound in the background having been brought more out into the foreground, which really helps elevate the song.

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