Fidelity Wars #90: Morrissey – “First Of The Gang To Die”

After The Smiths, the band’s lyricist and vocalist went on to have a successful solo career under his surname, Morrissey. My British friend Lawrie (hi Lawrie!) has exposed me to some of these songs as well, and as with my exposure to The Smiths I haven’t been completely won over, but have found some pretty good tunes. One of which is this week’s pick, a rockin’ number about love and the gangster lifestyle, which I’m sure most British non-Morrissey fans have grown tired of by now.

Morrissey – “First Of The Gang To Die”

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  1. DPH says:

    That’s a terrible cover photo, Morrissey.

    Also, have you listened to Viva Hate? ‘Late Night, Maudlin Street’ and ‘Everyday is like Sunday’ are both extraordinary.

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