Fidelity Wars #89: Kick-Ass – “Flying Home”

Kick-Ass has probably been the best film I’ve seen at the cinema this year. It’s arguably not a masterpiece, but it’s an original and overall satisfying action film which certainly helped sate my desire to enact bloody punishment upon evil-doers. I haven’t read the comic it’s based on, but I would like to; just need to find an affordable edition which doesn’t feature screenshots from the film on the front or back covers, or NOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE! plastered on it in large fonts.

The film has some good music, supplied by four different composers, which seems unusual. Despite different composers contributing to it, the music overall seems to have the same sound, never clashing with itself. One of the highlights is “Flying Home”, which I’ve gotten a bit misty eyed when listening to. I believe it’s the film’s closing credits, or at least a piece which plays close to the closing credits. Regardless, it’s this week’s chosen track. Enjoy!

Kick-Ass – “Flying Home”

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