Fidelity Wars #87: Discovery – “Can You Discover?”

Recently gave the debut album titled LP of the indietronica / electro-soul duo Discovery a try, and my feelings were rather mixed. Most of the songs had moments of brilliance, but they never really came together, with the over-eager use of auto-tune making it hard to tell whether it was supposed to be a serious music project or some slightly pretentious R&B pop parody.

The highlight of the album was definitely the song “Can You Discover?”, which just might come close to using the word baby as many times as Justin Bieber uses it in his aptly-titled hit song “Baby”. It’s a re-working slash cover of the song “Can You Tell” by the band Ra Ra Riot, which one of this duo belongs to (and the other member of the duo belongs to the well-known band Vampire Weekend). It’s a pretty straight forward I’m keen on you, are you keen on me? pop song, but it is catchy, and the line “my bed’s too big for just me” is great and should be attempted used as a pick-up line by someone.  So this song is my pick for the week.

Discovery – “Can You Discover?”

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  1. Avi says:

    I think Osaka Loop Line is the album highlight, and maybe Carby and Orange Shirt as 2nds. Give them another listen, you’ll hear it.

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