“Alle har fått nok av Eivind Kirkeby”

The official release date for Alle har fått nok av Eivind Kirkeby (“Everyone has had enough of Eivind Kirkeby”), the newest full-length semi-album by my (mostly) one-man semi-band The Society Of Poor Academics, was August 15th this year, when I hosted the official release cake-and-pizza party. So far it’s sold a bit under twenty copies or so. Not bad. It will reach the gold standard yet. As with the last release, I have mostly been selling to friends and members of the official forums for the well-known indie previously-lo-fi band The Mountain Goats. I’m not that good at doing promotion, and it always feels a bit awkward trying to sell yourself as I rarely feel sure as to whether or not I’m worth selling. I’m guessing a good way to get exposure, not to mention getting the attention of big shot record label executives looking for the next big thing, is to do live performances at various venues, but I’ve no idea how to make that happen. Not sure if The Society Of Poor Academics is the best live band, either.

In terms of content, this new collection it’s pretty similar to the previous full-length release, Du fortjener bedre enn Eivind Kirkeby, except more plentiful and – unfortunately – with less guitar, as my guitarist friend who contributed to the last record has moved abroad. It features more techno mixes and general collaborations than the previous release as well; while I think that I have some genuinely good songs I know I’m not a very skilled musician, so I’m always on the look out for folks who could help elevate the songs to the next level and help my bypass that tedious lava stage altogether.

To coincide with the album I made a music video for the TKurata mix of my song “The Exhilaration Of Spontaneous Ascension”. The idea for the music video was, as should be apparent, to film people lifting one another. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I probably could’ve edited it better, and having some additional footage with more people would have been welcome too. Still, I think it’s a fun little video, and a nice contrast to all the polished and not-so-fun music videos out there. You can find the video here.

What will the future bring for The Society Of Poor Academics? I’m not sure. As with my last full-length release, I’m sort of hoping this one will be my final (semi-)album, at least as a one-man semi-band. Ideally I’d somehow team up with a talented producer and a couple of skilled musicians to record a high fidelity album, complete with fancy multi-track recording technology and a string section. But we’ll see. Chances are I’ll just put out another collection of lo-fi songs on CD-R in a couple of years. For now I want to try to focus on “Lonely Boy 2”, which is an unrelated music project I’m rather psyched about.

For some more information on this release (such as a full track list and song previews) you can go here. If you’d like to purchase this or the previous full-length release by The Society Of Poor Academics, you can do so by getting in touch with me (I’m open for trades) or, if you’re the lazy or anti-social sort, by visiting my recently opened webshop Kirkeby Butikk. Now, enjoy some free songs!

The Exhilaration Of Spontaneous Ascension [TKurata mix]

Think Positive, Let’s Go!

The Beautiful People (Marilyn Manson cover)

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