Fidelity Wars #86: The Wild Band Of Snee – “The Clover Show”

I recently came into the possession of The Wild Band Of Snee‘s first and only album, Playhouse Of The Universe, as part of a trade for copies of my latest DIY album. The man behind the band and the album is Rushad Eggleston, a Grammy-nominated cellist and former member of the bluegrass band Crooked Still.

The album is tricky to sufficiently describe. It’s a children’s album, with some indie folk-rock and bluegrass thrown in. It manages to both be loud and gentle at the same time, never really going into the screeching and grating territory that loud music – and children’s music in general – easily enters into. It has three great tracks, three good tracks, and the remaining five tracks are decent. So this week’s featured song is one of the three great songs off this album.

The Wild Band Of Snee – “The Clover Show”

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