Review Of The Day

An excerpt from a review I found on IMDb for the film Jackass 3D:

This movie is very funny. It was really great to hear the entire theater laughing hysterically. We need more of that especially with the problems today. I do want to warn you that a couple of the guys show their penis on several occasions. My 21 year old daughter was shocked as she has never seen even one and she just saw several.

I have a feeling that this daughter might have been less than truthful with her mother, or that the family belongs to some über-conservative anti-penis / pro-vagina religion. Or it might have been written to be deliberately funny; it’s hard to tell. How you can go through 21 years living under normal conditions in a Western country without having been exposed to a penis, either through caring for younger family members or learning about the human body in school or watching Swedish art house films, I find hard to fathom.

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