Fidelity Wars #84: Dar Williams – “The Babysitter’s Here”

This week’s selection I stumbled over by chance when quickly browsing through the compilation For The Kids Three!, the third in a series of records featuring kid-friendly songs by slightly more alternative artists. It’s called “The Babysitter’s Here” and it’s by Dar Williams, a folk artist I’d never heard of before. Research reveals that the song is originally from her ’93 album The Honesty Room; the anthology is from 2007, so guess whoever put it together weren’t above rooting through alternative artists’ back catalogs.

It’s a beautiful, touching, and sufficiently minimalistic yet lush little song about a child’s favourite babysitter, which, to quote allmusic, “manages to deal simultaneously with early childhood and incipient adulthood, and […] will make you bawl every time you hear it.” The babysitter is painted as a bit of a hippie though, and I’m not sure how common hippie teenagers were in the early 90s. But who’s to say the song is supposed to be set in the early 90s, and perhaps not based on Dar Williams’ own experiences as being either a babysitter or babysat? Regardless, it’s a great song, and there was probably a fair share of hippie teenagers in the early 90s too.

Dar Williams – “The Babysitter’s Here”

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