Fidelity Wars #83: The Delfields – “Judy Greene”

Having a music-heavy blog that’s registered with The Hype Machine, I find my inbox the constant victim of mass e-mail promotion attempts by various small-time indie musicians, often sending links to where excerpts from their latest albums – and sometimes their entire albums – can be downloaded by “the press”. Most of it is pretty bland and boring and I end up ignoring it, but now and then I open a random e-mail to give whatever musician is being promoted a try, at least if they’re offering up the entire album for easy downloading.

One band I recently took the chance with was The Delfields and their new album Bedroom Girls, which was easily available to download as a neat zip file which included all the tracks, as well as the lyrics and the front and back covers. As luck would have it, it had a couple of tracks which weren’t half bad! In particularly I liked the song “Judy Greene”, which I figured I’d make this week’s pick.

The Delfields – “Judy Greene” *

* The song  has been removed by request due to ongoing copyright issues.


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