“… More Like Wolf’s Pain!”

I haven’t been watching much anime the past few months. One of the reasons for this is that I committed myself to finishing with Wolf’s Rain before moving onto anything else, and watching this anime series started becoming more and more a chore as it became evident that it just wasn’t very enjoyable. But now I’m done and I’m free from its vile grip. Slice-of-life school girl comedy series, here I come!

The plot follows a group of wolves as they try making their way through a deteriorating, almost post-apocalyptic world to find a legendary paradise only open to their species. Sounds enjoyable enough, and there are few mature animes that center around animal characters so that should make it interesting as well. Or so I thought. The wolves look and act like humans most of the time, which is never really explained, and the plot manage to lose me maybe halfway through.

An eloquent and brief review of the series can be found here, of which I agree with on most points. (Except that Only Yesterday is one of the poorer films by Studio Ghibli – it’s my personal favourite, and a noteworthy technical achievement in animation technique to boot.) Yet the series currently has a score of 8.5 at IMDb and is at #53 at the user generated list of the top 200 anime at AnimeNfo.

In all, the show has a few decent lupine action scenes, some interesting ideas, good animation, and a bucket full of sub-par storytelling. If only they had reworked the story and cut the number of episodes down to half. I kind of liked the ending to the series, though nothing was actually resolved (which I guess was to be expected) and it seemed to undermine the fact that they were wolves (but the show never seemed to care that much about this aspect after all).

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