Fidelity Wars #82: My Morning Jacket – “Off The Record”

My Morning Jacket. I don’t know too much about the band; they’re a US-based indie rock act who are fond of reverb, and they have a few songs that I like. One of which is “Off The Record” from their Z album, one of their more straightforward and radio-friendly songs, which is this week’s pick.

My Morning Jacket – “Off The Record”

This version is actually the single version of the song, which chops the song down from about 5:30 to about 3:30 in length. I was somewhat excited when I found out about this version, which I just recently did, as a problem I’d had with the original album version was that it was too long and that the needless padding consisted of about three minutes worth of meandering instrumental music which seemed to have little to no relation to the actual song. So finally I could have a more listenable, proper version of the song.

But, as I had feared, the way they cut it down was simply to fade out before the instrumental bit had fully played its course. I could’ve made that version myself by just chopping off two minutes at the end and using the fade out effect most audio editing software have. So that felt rather cheap, tacky, and lazy. I’m sure they could’ve gone back to the master recordings and done a more proper, shorter mix; and for the end not to sound abrupt they’ve left in about a minute’s worth of the instrumental bit, which they could’ve cut down as well if they’d re-mixed it instead.

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