“Du Fortjener Bedre Enn Eivind Kirkeby”

TSOPA - "Du fortjener bedre enn Eivind Kirkeby"

A couple of months ago I released my new collection of music, Du fortjener bedre enn Eivind Kirkeby, sort of completing my “anti-Eivind trilogy”, under my band/artist name The Society Of Poor Academics. So far I’ve mainly been selling copies to friends directly or to forum members of The Mountain Goats forum. Hopefully word of this masterpiece shall spread, leading to more sales and blog reviews and eventually mainstream media attention, so my rise to fame and glory shall be imminent!

I must admit that I feel sort of guilty for actually selling copies of this collection, worried that people might be disappointed and feel as if they’ve wasted resources acquiring it; I’m no stranger to regretting buying certain CDs myself. But is this a bad collection? I kind of like it, but I’m hardly an impartial judge on the matter of its quality or lack thereof. I really do hope other people will like it and feel as if they got their money’s worth. I’m sure it’s not everyone’s cup of tea though: music mainly played on a children’s Casio keyboard or out-of-tune piano, sung by a not-that-good vocalist, recorded mainly using mp3 players resulting in some hiss and distortion, and three in fours songs having a few wrong chords and vocal stumbling here and there. Lo-fi amateur charm or unprofessional ear rape – you decide! The feedback has mostly been good so far, but it’s been given by a pretty select group of people.

I’m sort of hoping that this will be my one and only semi-solo semi-album. I’m not the most skilled musician nor vocalist and I don’t have the resources to make studio-quality music, so I believe I’m more fit as a lyricist and a general collaborator than as a full fledged singer-songwriter-with-a-Casio.

If you want more information about the CD you may find it here, and there’s a MySpace profile set up here. Below you’ll find three songs available for free downloading. Two of them are originals that are included on the actual release, the other one is a cover that was done for a covers project organized over at the forum where everyone covered “Going To Georgia”.

You Provoke Me

Don’t Go Quietly

Drar Til Georgia

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5 Responses to “Du Fortjener Bedre Enn Eivind Kirkeby”

  1. Jamie says:

    I love it and spent a bunch of time digging around to find more info….lo-fi charm for sure….makes me want to dig up my old casio haha….nice work

    • admin says:

      Glad you like it, Jamie. Feel free to inquire about acquiring a copy, if you’re interested.

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