Fidelity Wars #81: Shonen Knife – “Gravity Zero Gravity”

Most hipsters these days are probably aware of Shonen Knife: a Japanese trio of girls who play bubblegum punk heavily inspired by The Ramones. They formed in 1981, not really knowing how to play their instruments and keeping their musical endeavours to some extent hidden from their families as they did not want to shame them. The band’s origins have been a source of personal inspiration to me, without going into any detail.

While they’ve had some pretty good tunes, and I am rather fond of the band, the last dozen (or so) albums have been disappointing. The songs blend together, without many memorable hooks or arrangements, and it doesn’t seem like they’ve progressed much from one album to the next. But generally each of their albums has at least one or two great songs, and this week’s featured tracks is one of these songs: “Zero Gravity Zero” from their 2007 album Fun! Fun! Fun! I have no idea what they are singing about, but it sure is catchy!

Shonen Knife – “Gravity Zero Gravity”

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