Satoshi Kon: 12.10.63 – 24.08.10

It was with great sadness that I learned today that I recently learned that Satoshi Kon passed away this week, on August 24th. He was one of the more well-known and critically acclaimed anime directors, and he directed two of my all time favourite films, Millennium Actress and Tokyo Godfathers. I have seen all of the anime projects he has worked on (unless there are some other than the ones Wikipedia and IMDb reference), and I was looking forward to seeing what his next project would be like.

In November 2008 Satoshi Kon visited Norway and had a talk prior to a screening of his film Tokyo Godfathers at Cinemateket in Oslo. I attended it together with a friend (hi Kristian!), and decided to record the entire talk on my portable multimedia player. I figured I might as well upload it and share it with the masses. Parts of the talk were centered around giving his review of some illustrations sent in by aspiring Norwegian animators. The pieces were shown up on the big screen, but as I didn’t take any pictures that level of the talk is somewhat lost. There may be some talk during the recording between myself and my friend, and some general environmental noises, but I think the recording came out pretty well. Also, the talk was in Japanese but with an interpreter who translated it to Norwegian, so only really those versed in either Japanese or Norwegian will be able to get much out of it. That rather limits the audience, but but hopefully someone out there will be get something out of this.

Satoshi Kon @ Cinemateket, 16.11.08

You’ll be missed, Satoshi Kon. Thank you for your excellent contributions to anime.

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