For PlayStation 2

Rooting through the bargain bin of my most local GAME store, I stumbled over what was labelled a switchable scart block – for PlayStation 2. It seemed to basically allow you to plug several scart cables into this device, and switch between them. As many TVs only have two scart sockets, and as many – such as myself – have more than two devices which take use of the scart (DVD player, satellite box, and a certain amount of gaming consoles), it can be a useful device!

But the for PlayStation 2 confused me slightly. Would this device only work with PlayStation 2? That would be odd; who’d have several PlayStation 2s and want to switch between them? Sure, some might have Japanese or American models in addition to an American one, so wouldn’t be impossible, but seems like a rather limited market. So I figured it had instead been labelled for PlayStation 2 to directly appeal to owners of the console and to satisfy the less knowledgeable PlayStation 2 owners who might not realize that any device like this would work fine for their purposes. (The back of the box also supported my hypothesis, as it spoke of how various scart devices could be plugged into it.) Sort of like the infamous for Wii SD card, which is just a normal SD card but which the less knowledgeable Wii owners might go for.

I bought the device, as I could put it to good use and it only cost 9 NOK, and I’m happy to announce that it works just fine with my GameCube.

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