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I’ve posted my backlog of games twice before – once in 2009, and an updated version this year – but video games are not the only media that’s started piling up on me. I also have a backlog of ye olde printed books, which has accumulated through various sales and semi-impulse purchases. So I figured, as with my video game backlog, I would make a list of my book backlog, because lists are awesome.

This list is only for narrative works; I also have other books I’ve yet to digest, like roleplaying books and non-fiction (mostly philosophy related) books. There are also some second-hand books from flea markets which I won’t be counting here, as well as the stack of free books I got through the university last year. So the list only contains new books which I’ve invested money in.

  • A.A. GillSap Rising
  • Clive BarkerSacrament
  • Clive BarkerWeaveworld
  • The Coyote Road
  • Dean IngThe Rackham Files
  • George Bernard ShawMrs. Warren’s Profession
  • Gordon R. Dickson & Poul AndersonHokas Pokas!
  • Jeff StrandMandibles
  • John Ajvide LindqvistLÃ¥t Den Rätte Komma In
  • John Ajvide LindqvistHanteringen Av Odöda
  • Louis De BernieresRed Dog
  • Mage: The AscensionAscension
  • Patricia C. WredeEnchanted Forest Chronicles, Book 2: Searching For Dragons
  • Patricia C. WredeEnchanted Forest Chronicles, Book 3: Calling On Dragons
  • Patricia C. WredeEnchanted Forest Chronicles, Book 4: Talking To Dragons
  • Stephen KingThe Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
  • Terry PratchettEqual Rites
  • Terry PratchettFeet Of Clay
  • Terry PratchettJingo
  • Terry PratchettMen At Arms
  • Terry PratchettThe Rincewind Trilogy: Sourcery, Eric, Interesting Times
  • Terry PratchettSmall Gods
  • Terry PratchettWitches Abroad
  • Tom WolfeI Am Charlotte Simmons
  • Tombs
  • Victor PelevinThe Sacred Book Of The Werewolf
  • Werewolf: The ApocalypseLast Battle
  • Werewolf: The ApocalypseTribe Novel 5: Children Of Gaia & Uktena
  • Werewolf: The ApocalypseTribe Novel 6: Silver Fangs & Glass Walkers
  • Werewolf: The ApocalypseTribe Novel 7: Black Spiral Dancers & Wendigo

So about thirty books in all. Currently I’m working my way through John Ajvide Lindqvists vampire novel LÃ¥t Den Rätte Komma In. I watched and enjoyed the film, and figured I’d give the source material a try. It’s going a bit slow since I’m reading it in the original Swedish, as the original Swedish version cost maybe about a third of what the Norwegian-translated version cost. Norwegian book prices are pretty steep, which is part of the reason why I very rarely buy books in Norwegian (plus the fact that most books I’m interested in are by English-speaking authors, and there’s a greater selection of books which have been translated to English than to Norwegian).

Not sure what I’ll move onto once I’m done with that. Am thinking of maybe reading another Terry Pratchett Discworld book come jul, which are generally fun and easy to read. I do hope to eventually make my way through all (or at least most) of these books. As long as I don’t add to the list at too great a frequency, it should be doable.

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