Fidelity Wars #79: Sora No Woto – “Girls, Be Ambitious”

Sora No Woto. Another peculiar, genre-bending anime. A slice of life school girl military sci-fi drama comedy. It’s year XXXX, and there’s a war going on. Why there is war, we do not know. The series focuses on an all-girl platoon operating from an old fort overlooking a peaceful, rural rural village. The girls are between the age of 14 and 18. Why so young girls are allowed in the army is not revealed, and pretty much all other military personnel we see are men who look to be between 20 and 50.

Music is a semi-theme in the series, with the main character – Kanata Sorami – being a musically gifted aspiring bugler. Many fans initially dubbed the series and referred to it among themselves as K-ON! goes to war (see also Fidelity Wars #68), due to the apparent focus on school girls and music, as well as the similar visuals. But the whole music thing quickly fades into the background, and is only sporadically featured.

Both the opening and ending to the series are rather pleasing, and I was particularly infatuated by the bouncy end song, which is is my pick for this week’s track. The odd bridge where it suddenly changes tone and melody could perhaps have been eliminated, but it fortunately doesn’t ruin it.

Sora No Woto – Girls, Be Ambitious

As with many anime series, my feelings about this one are mixed. It has some excellent scenes and elements which I really liked, including having one character speak only German (and not giving subtitles), but the series didn’t really seem… focused enough. At the start it seems to be, as K-ON! was, a slice of life school girl series which focuses on music, but the music theme is quickly forgotten about as the girls romp about and try performing some of their duties, and for the last few episodes it suddenly decides that it’s a full-on military drama. And nothing is really ever explained about the conflict, nor about this odd all-girl platoon, and the world in general. Some interesting tidbits are thrown out, like how the platoon represent some mythic heritage, that there’s been an apocalypse of sorts and the world’s been rebuilt, that angels / demons / monsters may be real, but we learn very little.

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