Fidelity Wars #78: Hästpojken – “Gitarrer & Bas, Trummor & Hat”

While driving home from a friend’s late at night, browsing through radio stations, a Swedish song which caught my attention. It sounded like a typical, grandiose pop-rock ballad, but with a slight indie rock feel to it. It was catchy. I waited until the song was over to hear who the artist was, and the radio DJ mentioned something about hästpojken – which is Swedish for horse boy – complete with a cheesy cued up horse sound. That couldn’t be right, I thought; that didn’t sound like the name of the kind of band that had made the song I had just heard, but more like a grunge-indie-punk-rock we-don’t-care-about-your-silly-standards-’cause-we’re-rock’n’roll-so-there sort of band. But through some research I found out that it indeed was the name of the band. Huh.

I try tracking down the actual song I’d heard by the band, using a few minutes to browse through the videos I find when searching for the band name on YouTube. I notice one song entitled “Gitarrer & Bas, Trummor & Hat” – which means guitars and bass, drums and… either hats, hate, or hi-hat -  but as that couldn’t possibly be the title for the ballad I’d heard, I deliberately ignored it. But eventually I decided to give it a try, and of course,  turns out it was the song I was looking for.

So, that’s my song for the week: Hästpojken with “Gitarrer & Bas, Trummor & Hat”, which really sounds like it should’ve had a different title and should’ve been by a band with a different name.

Hästpojken – “Gitarrer & Bas, Trummor & Hat”

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