Whatever Happened To My Mini CD EP Covers?

I commissioned a friend of mine based in the USA to print the covers for my forthcoming mini CD EP. He does some small scale printing, mostly comics and small books and prints, and I’d asked if he’d be able to print some cardboard sleeves for me. Like these. He said that shouldn’t be a problem, and I sent him the art, asking if they’d come out alright, worried that there may be some distortion, and he assures me everything is fine.

On Saturday I received the covers, but I find out they’re not quite right. It sort of looks like two pieces of paper which have been laminated together, rather than cardboard which has been glued together. But what’s worse, the art is pixelated, giving it a very amateurish look.

So no spiffy professionally-looking cardboard covers for me, and now I have to find out some alternate way in which I can get the covers done, and invest more money towards making them.

Naturally, I have been in a bit of a funk about it, as I’d looked forward to getting my hands on my professional-looking cardboard sleeve covers. But I guess I’m at least glad I didn’t commission him to print the cover for my next album as well.

(Click on the images to view them in full size; the pixelation of the art isn’t apparent when they’ve been resized.)

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