Fidelity Wars #77: Ghibli Reggae – “Itsumo Nando Demo”

As mentioned previously, there are a number of Studio Ghibli tribute / cover / rearrange albums out there, featuring versions of varying degrees of novelty of the classic Ghibli songs. One such album I recently stumbled over was Ghibli Reggae, featuring modern reggae versions of the Ghibli songs. I’m not too familiar with the reggae genre, but I’d expected it to have a more acoustic sound than these performances have, and I’m not sure to what extent it really is proper reggae or not. But the renditions are all the same rather nice, genre authenticity be damned, and the female vocalist has a great singing voice.

This week’s featured track is the reggae version of “Itsumo Nando Demo”, the ending song to Spirited Away. I used to think it was the best Ghibli song hands down, but over-exposure and the tune’s simplicity made me tire of it. This new version makes it sound fresh again.

Ghibli Reggae – “Itsumo Nando Demo”

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