Fidelity Wars #76: Jasmin Wagner – “Männer Brauchen Liebe”

After a healthy impromptu hiatus, I figured I’d try getting back into the blogging groove. One to two posts a week should certainly be doable, even when you have various backlogs calling for your attention, as well as various creative and social and financial obligations. Damn it all, I have a blog to write.

In the previous episode of Fidelity Wars, I was reminiscing about ex-happy hardcore princess Blümchen aka. Jasmin Wagner. After having released her best of collection in 2001, she retired her Blümchen moniker, only to return in 2006 as a proper modern pop artist under her real life name, Jasmin Wagner, with her album Die Versuchung – which translates to “the temptation”. I’m unsure how successful it was; Wikipedia indicates that it only reached 98 on the German charts, but the album has plenty of positive reviews over at the German Amazon. Overall, it’s a pretty okay radio pop album. Not exactly the kind of music that appeals to me, but it does have a couple of catchy tracks – one of which is the album’s opening number, “Männer Brauchen Liebe” – which Babel Fish tells me means “men needing love” – which is this week’s featured track.

Jasmin Wagner – “Männer Brauchen Liebe”

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