Fidelity Wars #75: Blümchen – “Gib Mir Noch Zeit” (Lagerfeuer-Remix 2000)

In my younger high school days I lived on a steady diet of German (and occasionally Dutch) happy hardcore and eurodance music, pumped directly into my mind via Viva. One of my favourite acts during this period was Blümchen, which was the stage-name of young girl vocalist Jasmin Wagner. While her peppy, poppy happy hardcore was a big hit in her native country, she never really caught on in Sacandinavia until her song “Heut’ Ist Mein Tag”, borrowing its synth sound from ATB, another German act which had already managed to make it big abroad.

Now that I’ve blossomed into the suave connoisseur I am today, having branched off into the indie genre and beyond, Blümchen has had very limited playtime with me over the past decade or so. But some years back I stumbled over the re-release of Für Immer Und Ewig in a bargain bin, a Blümchen best-of collection (though the re-release has the much more dull and descriptive title Best Of, probably not wanting to scare off non-Germans). After thinking it over for perhaps a few days, as I tend to do when it comes to shopping decisions, I decided to buy it.

Für Immer Und Ewig collects most of the singles, but a few are, annoyingly, missing; these include “Sesam-Jam”, “Unter’m Weihnachtsbaum”, and “Blaue Augen”. Instead they’ve included several (perhaps more popular) non-single songs from the various albums. They’ve actually included more than half of the songs to be found from the first two albums, which seems a bit overkill, and reduces the incentive for consumers to buy the original albums – and their enjoyment if they still decide to do so. It comes with a DVD collecting all the music videos, which includes the videos for the three singles they decided to not include, making the omissions all the more glaring (not to mention annoying and baffling).

Other than singles and album cuts, the collection also includes some (I believe) exclusive remixes. My favourite of the bunch is definitely the remix of “Gib Mir Noch Zeit”, which removes all electronic elements from the song and makes it into a relaxed acoustic ballad which would fit right in at any modern coffee house. I would love to hear more of the songs given acoustic treatments. (I could only imagine what “Boomerang” would sound like if accompanied by an accordion, a recorder, and a tuba.) This song is my (somewhat delayed) featured track of the week.

Blümchen – “Gib Mir Noch Zeit” (Lagerfeuer-Remix 2000)

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