Fidelity Wars #74: Tekken 6 – “Yodeling In Meadow Hill”

I have fond memories of renting the very first Tekken game for the PlayStation back in the day, then later on getting very excited when going to a shopping mall to purchase the sequel, Tekken 2. But my PlayStation was sold off to buy a Nintendo 64, and I’ve only owned Nintendo consoles since, so I haven’t been able to try any other game in the series since the second. The internet has allowed me to admire the various games’ character designs and ending cinematics though, but it’s not quite the same as actually getting to play them. At least I’ve had a couple of Mario games to quench my thirst for blood.

I’m not sure if the Tekken games have ever been known for their soundtracks or not (but I’m not sure if I’m able to tell good fighting game music from bad fighting game music, either).  Being curious, I gave the soundtrack for the latest installment, Tekken 6 a listen, and found that it had some pretty decent and catchy tracks, but one track stood out especially, which is this week’s featured track.

Tekken 6 – “Yodeling In Meadow Hill”

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