Fidelity Wars #73: Jónsi – “Animal Arithmetic”

For some reason, I own a total of five albums from Sigur Rós. But the only one you really need is Ágætis  Byrjun; all the others seem to just be iterations of the same elements without enough innovation to keep it interesting for the listener. Yet I still keep buying their albums, poor sap that I am, often after having read a quick blurb about how this one differs from the previous album, only to find that it’s pretty much more of the same.

Now the band’s frontman has branched out and released a solo album under his moniker Jónsi entitled Go, which sounds like what the band’s album after Ágætis  Byrjun should have sounded like. A few years back I would have been all over this thing, but now I’m older and more world weary and the wounds of the past have yet to heal. It’s a decent album, and it has a couple of really good poppy tunes you’d never expect to hear from Sigur Rós, but it also comes with the big heavy atmospheric pieces that you’ve heard time and again on the band’s other releases. So like most albums, it’s a bag of mixed nuts, and whether or not it’s of interest depends on how sick you are of nuts. My current  snack of choice is banana chips.

Jónsi – “Animal Arithmetic”

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