Am I Internet Famous Now?

I’m following a number of video game related podcasts, one of which is The Oddcast over at The podcast is hosted by a fun collection of characters, and generally they talk about the more amusing things that are going on in the video gaming world or on their website. As they’ve started taking e-mail questions, I figured I’d try to write them with a question I was genuinely curious about, namely what games are good to play when you’re hungover. I also thought it would be a good idea to write it in Engrish. Here’s the e-mail I sent.

Dear The Oddcast,

Please to be recommending good game for when hungover for happy enjoyable experience and matching service.

Thank you.

Eivind Kirkeby
(aka. EvilEivind)

As you may have guessed, they actually answered it! Made me feel very excited, though they kind of mangled it when they read it out loud – including my name, even though it’s a fairly common Norwegian name – and they seemed to be in a hurry to move on to other topics. Still, very exciting. I am now officially a part of video game podcasting history. I shall add it to my resumé.

I’ve taken the liberty of extracting the relevant portion of the podcast, and you may download it here. To summarise for those not able to or interested in listening to the actual excerpt, the games they recommended were: Twinkle Star Sprites, Seaman, Geometry Wars, and Flower. Be warned that a couple of those recommendations may be of the ironic variety.

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Am I Internet Famous Now?

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