Fidelity Wars #72: Kíla – “Epicy”

My friend Kristian (hi Kristian!) introduced me to the animated film The Secret Of Kells from 2009, which tells the story of the creation of The Book Of Kells. As I’m not very familiar with the book’s origins myself, I can’t tell to what extent it’s an accurate account, or if it’s all original and fictional. (I’m guessing the part about the shapeshifting girl didn’t actually happen, but might be people have claimed that it’s happened through the years and so it’s a part of the lore connected with the book; or it might be something the film’s creators came up with.)

While I wasn’t blown away, it was a very enjoyable film and was well worth watching. The story was interesting, the music was atmospheric and appropriate, and the visuals were pretty and reminiscent of the works of Genndy Tartakovsky and Craig McCracken.

The film features two instrumental tracks contributed by the Irish folk band Kíla, both of which are a lot of fun and can be found on the film’s soundtrack. One of these is my featured pick of the week.

Kíla – “Epicy”

The rest of the soundtrack consists of the score for the film done by  Bruno Coulais, a French composer who also did the music for the animated feature Coraline. The score is good, but like many scores it doesn’t really work that well in soundtrack format, separated from the film, as the compositions are made to go with concrete scenes and thus jump around a fair bit in pace and melody – something which often annoys me with movie soundtracks. There are some nice sounds to be found here, and if you don’t mind tunes suddenly going from gentle and somber into full-on chase scene mode, you might enjoy it. It also has the two excellent tracks by Kíla, and a beautiful, haunting song sung during the film.

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