Fidelity Wars #71: Jungledyret Hugo – “Hulesangen”

Delayed a few days due to David Hume, the fifth most common cause of delays.

Around this time last year I was obsessing over the song “Hulesangen” from the animated Danish children’s film Jungledyret Hugo 2 – Den Store Filmhelt (aka. Hugo – The Movie Star). Research revealed that the film did indeed have a soundtrack which gathered the songs from the film, as well as the songs from the first film, but it proved almost impossible to find, with no Scandinavian online stores selling it. But now, finally, thanks to a Danish friend of mine, I have been able to get a rip of the soundtrack, but unfortunately the CD it was ripped from had seen better days; there were several tracks which suffered from some skipping. (So I’m still on the look out for a better rip of the soundtrack, or ideally my very own, brand new, copy.) Fortunately “Hulesangen” seemed to have survived okay, which is this week’s pick!

Jungledyret Hugo – “Hulesangen”

The song, from what I’ve gathered, is actually a two-part affair in the film. The characters are interrupted, and pick up on it again a little later. Here the song is presented as one complete song, rather than two separate parts. Both parts end with the same end verse, but the first end verse is cut from this version, so it only has one end verse.

Another difference is that the CD version of the song has a (roughly) minute long instrumental interlude, after the first part of the song, which feels kind of out of place. It kind of trails off the main melody towards the end, and it probably should have been cut in half. It also seems that some slight reverb is added to the vocals in the second part, probably to illustrate that the characters are in a cave, but I would’ve preferred it without the reverb. It didn’t sound like there had been added any reverb to the song as it appeared in the film, but I could be wrong.

Still, it’s a great song, and while the version(s) in the film might be better in a couple of ways, the CD version is by no means bad, and definitely a better way to enjoy the song away from the actual film than resorting to direct rips.

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