Fidelity Wars #69: Fireflies – “Just Pretend”

A while back I featured a song by Fireflies, aka. Lisle Mitnik, and since then he’s kept busy recording more music; he has released a new CD album, two new free-for-download digital EPs, and a handful of (as of yet) MySpace exclusives. While his newer works have mostly been similar to his older work, he has started sounding slightly more hi-fi and started using synth (from what I can hear). He has also been dabbling some with more pure synthpop music, most notably in a catchy ditty he uploaded onto his MySpace page entitled “Just Pretend”, which might be an indication of what we might hear from him in the future.

I really liked the song, and was excited about this new synthpop sound of his. So I contacted him, asking if it would be okay if I featured it in my silly little blog, and he happily me permission and sent me an mp3 of the recording. Blessed be the independent musicians. So here is this week’s featured track.

Fireflies – “Just Pretend”

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