Fidelity Wars #68: K-ON! – “Watashi No Koi Wa Hotch Kiss”

Delayed a week due to even more stuff, the third most common reason for delays.

I recently finished watching the anime series(well, except for the two OVA episodes) K-ON! about a group of girls who make up the light music club at their high school. Apparently light music is a real genre of music, but the club doesn’t seem to be too strict when it comes to following the norms of said genre, with the current members playing perky girly pop-rock – which arguably is pretty light – and with some previous members of the club having dabbled in heavy rock.

It was a fun enough series, but when you compare it to other classics in the slice of life school girl comedy genre – like Azumanga Daioh!, Lucky Star and Ichigo Mashimaro – it fails to stand out. If you’re into the genre though, and particularly if you wish more school girls would play perky girly pop-rock, it’s worth looking into.

The music itself is pretty okay. Sort of what you’d expect from perky Japanese girly pop-rock. The opening song and sequence is pretty decent, and I’m impressed by the fact that it looks as if the girls are actually playing their instruments and not just hammering away. The musical highlight for me was probably their second live performance, in the student assembly hall, where they perform a song called “Watashi No Koi Wa Hotch Kiss”, aka. “My Love Is A Stapler” in English. While it sounds like a typical nonsensical J-pop title, the idea behind it is actually half-clever: a girl writing down her feelings for her love on paper sheets, the pile growing, and using a stapler to staple the sheets together. Some is probably lost in translation, but in the hands of a competent lyrics I’m sure it could’ve made for a  half-clever – perhaps even full-on clever – English pop song.

They’ve released over a dozen CDs in relation to the show so far. This includes the double-CD release Hokago Tea Time, where they collect all of the songs the girls performed through the show, with one CD having studio versions of the songs and the other CD having live versions of them. (The live versions were, of course, also recorded in a studio, but were made so as to sound like they’re performed live, like they sounded in the anime.) So this week’s pick is the above mentioned song, “Watashi No Koi Wa Hotch Kiss”, in its live incarnation.

K-ON! – “Watashi No Koi Wa Hotch Kiss” (Live Version)

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