Fidelity Wars #67: The Bobby Fuller Four – “Let Her Dance”

A big part of director Wes Anderson’s quirky films are their soundtracks. In addition to a whimsical score, there are generally a handful or two of older, nostalgic songs which – it sometimes feels like – time forgot. It’s definitely a breath of fresh air compared to most other new films, which often go for either newer or more recognizable songs which don’t leave much of an impression. So Anderson’s films are a good way for the audience to discover some songs, bands and artists they might not have heard of, especially the younger members of the audience.

His latest film, Fantastic Mr. Fox, introduced me to the 60s’ band The Bobby Fuller Four, as it featured a song by them. Doing some quick research , I learned that Bobby Fuller, the singer-songwriter of the band, died at the young age of 23. The police declared it a suicide, but there’s been much speculation about it having been a homicide. Regardless of the circumstances of his death, it was indeed a tragic event, and it probably deprived the world of some great songs. Fortunately he did leave behind some very catchy tunes, one of which is “Let Her Dance”, which was the song featured in the film and which is this week’s pick.

The Bobby Fuller Four – “Let Her Dance”

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