Fidelity Wars #66: LM.C – “Sentimental PIGgy Romance”

A few days delayed due to… more stuff. Which seems to be the second most common cause of delays.

This week I feature a song by the Japanese band LM.C. The band name is an abbreviation for, which I’ve no idea what means. The band has branded their music as being of the otherwise unheard of new century electrock genre, but it sounds pretty much like most other highly-polished teenager-centric Japanese pop-rock acts I’ve encountered so far. But they do have one particular song which is thoroughly enjoyable, which is this week’s featured track.

LM.C – “Sentimental PIGgy Romance”

Yes, that’s the actual title of the song, complete with the odd capitalisation of PIG in the middle of it. Though it may sound like a bad case of Engrish, the song title is actually fitting, if rather corny. According to the music video, which really adds a lot to the song and which I highly recommend watching, the song is about a pig who falls in love with a lion. The pig, presumably a she, wishes she could declare her love to the lion, but is scared of being eaten, and so she’s only able to love him from a distance and to daydream. Awww. The melody isn’t bad either.

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