Fidelity Wars #64: Ghibli The Best II – “Kimi Wo Nosete (Carrying You)”

The songs from the Studio Ghibli animated features have enjoyed great success and have spawned more than a few Studio Ghibli “tribute” albums, featuring often novel, mostly instrumental versions of songs from the films. One such album I stumbled over was entitled Ghibli The Best II, which has a some pretty neat renditions, the best of which is definitely the version of “Kimi Wo Wosete” or “Carrying You” in English, from Laputa.

Ghibli The Best II – “Kimi Wo Nosete (Carrying You)”

This is one of the best cover versions I’ve  heard of a Studio Ghibli song so far. They’ve taken what originally sounded like a pretty okay Japanese 80s pop song and given it a vivid continental feel. It sounds dramatic and heartfelt, sweeping and bombastic, and pretty darn catchy, replacing the synths with (mainly but not only) accordion and cello.

Unfortunately I don’t know anything at all about this particular collection of songs, nor the artist(s?) behind it, with all of the information about it I’ve managed to dig up having been in Japanese, including the original track list.

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