Current Backlog Of Games, 2010

Last year I posted my backlog of games, games I’ve purchased and intend to play through but haven’t yet. As it’s a new year, I figured I’d post an updated backlog, taking off games I’ve completed and adding any new games I’ve gotten but haven’t completed yet. Perhaps not surprisingly, the list has grown some, and discovering Steam certainly hasn’t helped.

I figured this time around I’d divide my backlog into two lists, one counting all the games I own in their physical manifestations – games I have on discs – and games I own non-physical copies of – games I’ve paid to download, currently consisting of games from the above-mentioned Steam as well as Wii Ware.


  • Beyond Good And Evil PC
  • Clive Barker’s Undying PC
  • Cold Fear PC
  • Dead Space PC
  • The Dog Island Wii
  • Donkey Kong Jungle Beat GameCube
  • F.E.A.R. Extraction Point PC – expansion pack
  • The Legend Of Zelda: Collector’s Edition – The Legend Of Zelda, Zelda II: The Adventure Of Link, Majora’s Mask GameCube
  • The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess Wii – a borrowed copy
  • Need For Speed: Most Wanted GameCube
  • Nocturne PC
  • Obscure PC
  • Odama GameCube
  • Okami Wii
  • The Orange Box – Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Episode One, Half-Life 2: Episode Two PC
  • Resident Evil GameCube
  • Resident Evil: Code Veronica X GameCube
  • Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles Wii
  • Sam & Max Hit The Road PC
  • Super Mario Sunshine GameCube
  • Viewtiful Joe 2 GameCube
  • Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure Wii


  • Bit. Trip Beat Wii Ware
  • Bit. Trip Core Wii Ware
  • Deus Ex Steam
  • Ghost Master Steam
  • Monkey Island Special Edition Steam
  • Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus Steam
  • Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee Steam
  • Overlord Steam
  • Psychonauts Steam

And of course, there are some games I’m currently keen on getting my hands on, despite having a bit of a backlog to work my way through. A current contender for my purchasing consideration is the remake of Klonoa for the Wii, which I’ve wanted to get my hands on for a while. I can currently buy it for 170 NOK from the Norwegian online multimedia retailer CDON, but have to add the shipping cost of 30 NOK as well, making it a total of 200 NOK, which is about as high as I’m willing to go for a game. This game is also supposed to be rather short, and you could in theory finish it in maybe five hours. So is it worth the steep price of 200 NOK? Brevity isn’t necessarily bad though as long as it’s quality; too many games linger on for too long, offering you tons of tedious side quests and equally tedious whatnots. Plus, it would let me move on to other games sooner, working my way through the above backlog. But then if I actually have a backlog of games, should I really be spending money on more games? I do fear that Klonoa will grow increasingly rare though, as I’ve not seen it in many shops lately, and they’ve stopped selling it at several online retailers, despite it being less than a year old. So I may not be able to find it for a lower price, either, and I fear I may find myself suffering from non-buyer’s remorse unless I buy it now.

But other than that one game, I’m glad to report there aren’t any other titles which are currently gnawing away at my indecisive consumerist slash collector’s soul. There are certainly other games I’m keen on getting my hands on, like Killer 7 and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door and Bloody Roar: Primal Fury for the GameCube (still sealed, please!), Conker’s Bad Fur Day for the Nintendo 64 (vulgar squirrel FTW), No More Heroes 2 and Silent Hill: Shattered memories for the Wii (but they’re too new to be affordable yet), and maybe even some games for consoles I don’t currently have, just in case (as the games may become increasingly rare or expensive). But nothing that really seems semi-urgent, with none of these titles being offered at a low-ish price through some retailer or the other.

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