Wandering The Post-Apocalyptic Wastelands With April Shitface, Part 6

An ongoing photo feature where we join April Shitface on her many adventures as she makes her way through the unforgiving post-apocalyptic wastelands with only her wits, 200+ stimpacks and a growing arsenal which could take out a medium-sized army.

For science! April is testing out her new science coat. It goes well with her bandanna and rifle. I had initially wanted April to be a sciene-geek, and having a lab coat coat seems to be the closest I’ll get to achieving that goal in this game.

This guy is a random encounter, who can pop up at random locations. He asks you for water. And that’s about all he does. This time he randomly generated half-buried in the ground. I like how he seems so relaxed about it and how he doesn’t ask for help, even though he’s already asking for water.

A scenic photo of a random robot walking down the street of a deserted town as evening descends.

If you manage to get a high enough karma rating – representing your reputation among other wastelanders, and has nothing to do with one’s luck or with one’s rebirth -  generic settlers in Megaton will occasionally run up to you and engage you in a conversation to give you something (which has startled me on more than one occasion – these bastards can run really fast!) because you’re such a swell person, helping make the post-apocalyptic wastelands a li’l safer. Usually these are fairly useless items, like a pack of Salisbury Steak or InstaMash which give you a small amount of health back as well as a small amount of radiation poisoning. I generally chuck them away on the ground immediately after I’ve been given them, not even waiting until the person who gave them to me have left – they don’t seem to mind.

But this one person had her knife out when she came running towards me, and while talking to me, and… ouch. She should get that looked at. She doesn’t seem to mind having a knife jabbed through her arm, though. I guess having a knife stuck in your body is the least of your worries in this post-apocalyptic world.

I decided to take the Mysterious Stranger perk at one point when leveling up. It basically makes it so that, when you you’re engaged in a fight and utilising the Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System (V.A.T.S.), there’s a small chance that a mysterious gun-totting trench coat-wearing man comes to your aid, firing away at one of your enemies. After having aided you, he vanishes without a trace, only to repeat the process anew some other time. You’re rarely able to get a very good look at him, as the screen generally goes blurry and into weird angles when you use V.A.T.S., and it doesn’t help that he’s wearing a hat.

It’s a neat idea, but doesn’t really add much to the game overall and he could have been replaced by something else giving the same benefit – like random meteors falling from the sky – without anything really being lost. It’s not like he’s an actual character you can talk to or find out more about. It’s generally cool when he appears, though a li’l annoying when he helps out with an enemy which was almost dead and which you could’ve easily taken out yourself, as it then feels as if his impressive firepower has been wasted.

Megaton at night. Not exactly a sprawling, vibrant night life. No post-apocalyptic discotheques anywhere.

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