Fidelity Wars #63: Sun – “Love Will Take Your Breath Away”

As it’s Valentine’s day, it seems appropriate to feature a love song. And as pretty much half of all the songs (or thereabouts) out there are love songs, there’s no shortage of potential songs to choose from. While I’m tempted to feature Scooter‘s timeless “Let Me Be Your Valentine”, the following piece seems more appropriate, and I’ve wanted to feature it for a while…

Sun – “Love Will Take Your Breath Away”

I first heard this song when I stumbled over the flash video animation Balto: The True Story. Some quick googling lead me to the artists’s album Inquire Within available off of CDBaby, which I then ordered. The album has a few other good songs, but this is definitely the best one on it. It’s so over-the-top pop that it just makes me smile, and it has a certain escalating feel to it (if that makes any sense) which fits the chorus and the common stereotypes of love perfectly, with love lifting you upwards towards the skies. It’s a shame this song hasn’t been exposed to a wider audience.

You can read some trivia about the song on the artists’s website here.

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