Breaking News: Stephin Merritt Capable Of Laughing

Stephin Merritt should be a well known name to all us urban indie hipsters. He is, of course, the man behind the band The Magnetic Fields in addition to a number of other musical projects. He has become known for having a dry and sardonic personality, never seen smiling or laughing, and for being quite the opposite of the stereotypical party-all-night exuberant rock star.

But apparently he is capable of laughing and smiling, as I just discovered when I stumbled over this video of him having a conversation about music with his friend Daniel Handler in a public setting.

I’d love to see the entire video (which I’m guessing must exist somewhere). According to this, he also performed a few songs, including one of my favourites “I’m Lonely (And I Love It)”. Would’ve been fun hearing an acoustic version of that, as the original is somewhere in the techno-electronica-club genre.

But I still think he comes off as rather scary and intimidating and I’m sure I’d make a fool of myself if I ever were to meet him. Consequently I would never be able to listen to his music again, and my life would be a little poorer.

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