Fidelity Wars #60: The Smiths – “Girlfriend In A Coma”

My British friend Lawrie (hi Lawrie!) has gradually been getting me into The Smiths, exposing me to some songs here and there. While I haven’t exactly been won over and started collecting all their singles on vinyl, they do have some rather catchy and lyrically satisfying songs. One of my favourites so far is definitely their song “Girlfriend In A Coma”, so it may as well be this week’s pick.

The Smiths – “Girlfriend In A Coma”

I can’t help but wonder whether or not the narrator’s sentiments are supposed to be sincere or not. The bouncy melody and arrangement doesn’t exactly fit the subject matter, and the title of the song – which is repeated throughout the song – is pretty silly. Sort of adds to the fun of it. And I like the song’s somewhat non-standard structure, not really having clearly defined verses and choruses.

As a bonus, here’s a silly and straightforward li’l cover I tried doing of said song some months ago. Maybe I’ll try re-covering it one of these days.

The Society Of Poor Academics – “Girlfriend In A Coma”

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