“For Matching Service”?

Me: Will the madness never end? *Dramatic pose*
Him: Find out in this week’s thrilling episode of…
Me: “Splatterpunk Killfest”!
Him: Part Three!
Me: Deus!
Him: XII
Me: Turbo Edition.
Him: For Matching Service.
Me: For matching service?
Him: Dreamcast reference – Capcom released Super Street Fighter II Turbo For Matching Service in Japan
Me: “For matching service” doesn’t have a very good ring to it.
Him: It did in my head…
Me: Aw. *comforts*

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2 Responses to “For Matching Service”?

  1. Kristian says:

    That’s quite funny. Think that could be in a scene?

  2. admin says:

    It could. As could the short Alan Smithee dialogue.

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