Fidelity Wars #59: Jean-Claude – “Do-Re-Mi”

This week I’m featuring a tune I’m not quite sure how I came to acquire, but which is an awesome piece of retro video game sounding electronica. The artist name in the tag ID reads ·Jean·Claude·, with little dots before and after and in the middle. Of course, googling for that just brings up the other Jean-Claude.  Googling for Do·Re·Mi, also with the peculiar dots, doesn’t do much good either.

The original file name for the tune read jcfynx_jean-claude_-_do_re_mi, and googling jcfynx proves slightly more fruitful, leading me to different user registrations at various online resources. It seems to be the same person, and it seems like he’s a, gasp, a furry, and, double gasp, a Japaneseian! It also seems like he dabbles in music, as this YouTube clip attests. I found no direct link between this person and this particular piece of music though, so for all I know it could have been made by someone else and I’m barking up the wrong dead end, or however that saying goes.

So for now, I fear it will have to remain one of life’s great mysteries. And here you go, the mysterious track in question.

Jean-Claude – “Do-Re-Mi”

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