Fidelity Wars #57: Disney’s Christmas Lullaby Album – “White Christmas”

I was working on the latest installment of Fidelity Wars this weekend, when suddenly my blog logs me out. None my work had been saved. I’m a busy man! I have things to write, games to complete, comic books to read, theories to refute, and YouTube videos to watch; I ain’t got time to re-write blog entries. Frustrated, I decided to postpone re-writing the entry and instead writing a different one for Christmas eve, featuring a Christmassy tune. Which just so happens to be this entry!

Disney has released a series of lullaby records descriptively enough going by variations on the title Disney’s Lullaby; there’s Disney’s Lullaby Album, Disney’s Lullaby Album Volume 2, Disney’s Princess Lullaby Album, and Disney’s Christmas Lullaby Album. They all feature instrumental renditions of classic Disney, pop, or traditional songs, all arranged by musician Fred Mollin. The pieces are mostly piano driven, but generally features several other (I think) acoustic instruments. As the title of the albums would suggest, they’re intended to be used as lullaby music, putting children to sleep, but they music is easily enjoyable as relaxing music by adults as well. (And there is, as previously mentioned, some children’s music out there which is genuinely good and transcends its intended audience.)

For Christmas eve I’ve of course chosen a track from the Christmas themed album from the Disney’s Lullaby series, namely “White Christmas”. This is a song I’ve never really been able to previously stand, as it’s sounded way too North American (and all Europeans loathe North America), with overall unappealing lyrics and melody. But, lo and behold, Fred Mollin has managed to make this tedious holiday standard into a beautiful and tender guitar driven piece of music!

Disney's Christmas Lullaby Album

Disney’s Christmas Lullaby Album – “White Christmas”

This album is pretty good, and definitely recommended if you want some relaxing Christmas themed music to put on in the background while you’re decorating, baking, having Christmas dinner or other Christmassy gatherings, or are re-writing blog entries. God jul, everyone!

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