Fidelity Wars #58: Crooked Still – “Ain’t No Grave”

I’m tempted to start off the new year with the 15-minutes long dance mix of songs from the Lucky Star CDs, but instead I’ll be starting off with the song I was supposed to post a few weeks ago when my entry was eaten up by the void. The band is Crooked Still, and the song is their rendition of the traditional song “Ain’t No Grave Can Hold My Body Down”, shortened to simply “Ain’t No Grave”.

Crooked Still - Shaken By A Low Sound

Crooked Still – “Ain’t No Grave”

I found out about the band and this song through the TV-series True Blood, a series which has featured some really good pieces of music for its closing credits (not to mention the series’ great opening), where they played this particular song during the closing credits of the first season finale.

I’m not a big bluegrass fan, as much of it sounds the same and seems too cheerful (though my experience with the genre is pretty much limited to the film O Brother, Where Art Thou? and the Disney cover CD O Mickey, Where Art Thou?), but I love the deep bass and chugging cello sound of this rendition. The vocals are perhaps a bit too ethereal and forgetful for my liking, but they’re pleasant enough and get the job done.

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