Fidelity Wars #54: Monster & Maskiner – “Sometimes I Don’t Have Heartache”

(Delayed a week due to scientific theory reductionism.)

Sweden seems to be the place to be if you’re keen on professional chiptune / bitpop like music, with the two big bands in the genre being Pluxus and SlagsmÃ¥lsklubben – both of which now sound more like proper and “serious” electronica as opposed to something you could hear in an old video game as they did in their earlier days.

Monster & Maskiner is a lesser known, less prolific Swedish bitpop band. They’ve released two albums, both now seemingly out of production and hard to come across, the last being Never Die! from 2005. I’m guessing the band’s not quite defunct as they have a MySpace page they seem to log into not too infrequently, but their official website hasn’t been updated since 2006. No idea if we’ll ever hear any more original music from them or not, or if their albums will ever come back into production.

This week’s pick is the simple and infectious tune “Sometimes I Don’t Have Heartache” from Monster & Maskiner‘s last (but hopefully not last last) album, which I’ve been frequently returning to throughout this week.

Monster & Maskiner – “Sometimes I Don’t Have Heartache”

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