Lilo & Stitch & The Ugly

I ordered the Lilo & Stitch special edition DVD from to give to myself either on my birthday or for  Christmas / Jul, but when it arrived in the mail I was taken aback by just how ugly the cover was. In most online shrunken down images it looks fine, but up close in real life… it doesn’t. I’ve been trying to find a good, big image of it online, but this was the best I found.

Lilo & Stitch Special Edition

The horror... The ugly, ugly cover design horror...

The top of the cover looks decent. It has that airbrushed shine you find on most of the Disney DVDs. But the bottom half… It looks to me like it’s just a still from the film, though I could be wrong, not having seen the film for several years. But it looks grainy, and the colours look washed out, and to me it really screams out bootleg. It doesn’t mesh at all with the above image. And why are there two of Stitch on the cover? That’s an unusual practice, having the same character appear twice on a front cover, unless it is somehow necessary to reflect the content of the film. Which, in this case, it isn’t.

In short: What were they thinking?! Why couldn’t they have just gone with the top image and made a full cover out of it? Perhaps even going with the bottom image would have been better, as it would have at least scored a few more points on the consistency barometer and perhaps made for an overall better looking cover than slapping two images together in this way.

I’m tempted to try getting a refund, but I’m not sure if it’s worth the hassle nor if I would have the international online shopping laws on my side – can you demand a refund on something because it turns out to be uglier than you thought it would be? But then, I do really want to see this film again, and the extras are supposed to be decent on this special edition.

I really hate it when manufacturers make such ugly covers. There are a couple of other DVD I’ve been wanting to purchase, but which I haven’t due to awful cover designs. Had I known how ugly this would be I probably wouldn’t have ordered it.

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