Fidelity Wars #51: Jonathan Richman – “Vampire Girl”

It’s Halloween! Or, rather, it was Halloween. So this moderately suitable Halloween song is a few days late, but what’s a boy to do in this crazy mixed-up world.

Jonathan Richman is one of my all-time favourite singer-songwriter guys, and he’s not an easy man to sum up. He started out a dedicated loner, before becoming a playful romantic, and now becoming more of a continental lover of life. From his later middle period I give you the song “Vampire Girl” from his 1995 album You Must Ask The Heart, where he professes his fondness for girls dressed to look scary – what perhaps is today known as “goth chicks”.

Jonathan Richman – “Vampire Girl”

Jonathan Richman - You Must Ask The Heart
Does she cook beans? Does she cook rice?

Does she do ritual sacrifice?

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One Response to Fidelity Wars #51: Jonathan Richman – “Vampire Girl”

  1. Nigel says:

    Though the “ritual sacrifice” joke and other lines seem to point to goth or proto-goth women that Jojo is singing about, in concerts he’s made a kind of fuzzy distinction between the women with dark souls he mean in “Vampire Girls” vs the goth aesthetic that’s been popular since the early post-punk era, if not before. He titled a later album “Her Mystery Not of High Heels and Eye Shadow,” which makes this point about mysterious women being mysterious for some undefined interior quality rather than the amount of black clothing and eye makeup they sport.

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