Fidelity Wars #50: Lavender Diamond – “Garden Rose”

(Delayed a week due to alcohol.)

I first heard Lavender Diamond on the Score! 20 Years Of Merge Records compilation album, with an excellent cover of Destroyer‘s “New Ways Of Living”. Some research revealed that this was a band and not a solo-musician with hired help, although it’s also the pseudonym of the band’s leading lady. Their record label debut is the 2007 album Imagine Our Love, which has yet to see a follow up. The album has three or four pretty good songs, but it lacks some in the way of variation, and some of the lyrics can be embarrassingly plain.

One of the highlights for me is the country-flavoured song “Garden Rose”. It’s not a song without some grave mistakes though, as the two opening lines – “I’ll never stop a bullet but a bullet might stop me / I’ll never drink the ocean but the ocean might drink me” – always makes me cringe, and the song does drag on a bit and could probably have been at least a minute shorter. But the gorgeous vocal finish makes it all worth it.

Lavender Diamond – “Garden Rose”

Lavender Diamond - Imagine Our Love

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