Non-Buyer’s Remorse, The Enemy Of Christmas

I have this perhaps slightly odd, slightly selfish tradition of buying myself gifts for my birthday (December 18th) and for Christmas (December 24th; we open our Christmas presents on Christmas eve here in Norway). This started as I was realizing that, being a young adult, my presents were growing increasingly boring, mostly consisting of money. Money is definitely useful, but it’s not very exciting (unless it’s a huge amount) nor something that can occupy and entertain you through the evening (again, unless it’s a huge amount).

Punisher OmnibusSo for this year I’d planned on giving myself the Garth Ennis Punisher Omnibus. Way back I was a regular subscriber to Ennis’s The Punisher, but due to monetary considerations I cancelled it. It was a fun series, and it had the best Spider-Man cameo I’ve seen to date. This hardcover collection of over 1,000 pages collects a considerable bulk of Ennis’s run on the series. It has a cover price of 100 USD but it has been going for about 60 USD on Amazon whenever I’ve checked. But now, it appears that it’s out of production; you can no longer order it directly through the Amazon store, and the resellers are charging as much as 130 USD for it in new condition (not including shipping).

So, that sucks. The collection was released late November 2008, and it seems odd that it’s now sold out and out of production, but maybe they only do limited printings of these Marvel Comics omnibuses.  Now I’m not really sure what I’ll end up giving myself, and I have further data supporting my claim that you should “buy what you want now as it might be out of production and/or more expensive tomorrow.”

While on the topic of non-buyer’s remorse, I’ve been idly drooling over a Ron Spencer print of the Squirrel token he has done for the collectible card game Magic: The Gathering. His art style is usually very brutal and violent looking, so it seemed delightfully ironic to have a print by him of a cute squirrel to go next to my less cute Ron Spencer prints (of which I so far have three). However, when I recently went to check up on it (I tend to do that with items I want to buy but haven’t yet) I found that this particular print is no longer being sold at Ron Spencer’s eBay store. I could perhaps e-mail him and ask if he have any left, but I think the prints he has done are of a limited run.

Ron Spencer Yawgmoth's Will

A typical Ron Spencer drawing.

Ron Spencer Squirrel

A slightly less typical Ron Spencer drawing.

And adding one further piece of data: some years ago the leading multimedia chain here in Norway, Platekompaniet, were selling the platinum DVD release of The Lion King for 60 NOK. I didn’t buy it because, well, I’d already seen it; plus, according to the review over at Ultimate Disney they had neglected to transfer some bonus material from the LaserDisc release and onto the DVD release, which just seems lazy, so I was somewhat hoping for a later super platinum release of the film. Now the platinum DVD is out of production, and I’d have to pay a heck of a lot more for a still sealed copy now, and if I’d want to see this great film again I’d have to get out my Norwegian-dubbed VHS copy – or my torrent software of choice. I’m sure they’ll re-release it in some years, probably making it a Blu-ray exclusive, so it’s not the worst item I’ve missed out on. But 60 NOK isn’t too much money, especially not for a Disney classic, and it would be nice to have it easily available for viewing.

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