Fidelity Wars #49: Microsurgeon – “Bug Report”

I’ve been wanting to post this track for a while now, and I’ve kept it tucked away for a rainy day. Well, it’s been raining today, so I figured it was time. How I found out about this band, I’m not sure; I think maybe I found them on the website back in the day when it was the hottest place for independent artists to share and sell music, a role which has now in part been filled / usurped by MySpace.

The band is Microsurgeon, and I like to refer to them as a Casio punk band, but I’m sure there’s a better and more official genre out there that they’d fit more neatly into. I’ve so far never heard any other band who’ve sounded quite like them, though. They used to have a website – – but it appears to be down and I’m guessing it has been for a while now. There’s not much information available on the band elsewhere, so it seems safe to assume that they’ve ceased their operations. As far as I can tell, they only released a handful of songs, found on various compilations and on one or two mini-EPs. I have three songs by the band on my hard drive, and I also recall possessing a very interesting fourth song by them, but unfortunately it’s nowhere to be found. Fortunately my favourite Microsurgeon song is still easily locatable on my hard drive, which I now present to you.

Microsurgeon – “Bug Report”

I’d love to learn more about the band, and to find the fourth track mentioned above and any other songs they may have made. They’re definitely one of the most obscure bands I enjoy listening to though, so I fear that anyone reading this won’t know much more about them than me, nor have any more of their songs than I do.

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