Fidelity Wars #47: The New Pornographers – “Letter From An Occupant”

Most indie folks are probably familiar with The New Pornographers, one of the few indie super bands out there. One of the band’s members is Neko Case, whom I’m a moderate fan of. She has the vocals on this week’s featured track – which, again, most indie folks are probably already familiar with.

The New Pornographers – “Letter From An Occupant”

This was a song I recently stumbled over. I’m not a big fan of The New Pornographers, as their songs are a bit of a hit or miss to me, but this one was definitely a hit. The typical, melodious, high pitched indie oooohing in between the verses I could have done without, having preferred to just have heard the chugging from the guitars, but fortunately it doesn’t detract too much from the song.

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