Fidelity Wars Volume 3

Kirkeby Kritikk has been quiet lately, the main reason being a multitude of consecutive mini vacations. But let’s see if we can’t get back into the groove and get jiggy with it.

A few weeks ago another fifteen track milestone was reached for Fidelity Wars, thus completing the third volume of this weekly music column. As per tradition, all fifteen tracks from this volume can be downloaded as a convenient RAR file.

Fidelity Wars Volume 3

And if you prefer downloading the featured tracks separately, that’s also possible! Below you’ll find direct links to the individual tracks that have been featured in the past fifteen installments, listed chronologically in descending order.

  1. THE iDOLM@STER – “Watashi Ha Idol” (The Legend Of Valkyrie – 8bit Mix)
  2. Oingo Boingo – “Little Girls”
  3. Ludacris – “Stand Up” (The Small Is Beautiful Remix)
  4. Chicken Damage – “Furniture Store / Keep On”
  5. The Books feat. José González – “Cello Song”
  6. Sonic Rush Adventure – “Hidden Island”
  7. Nurse Witch Komugi – “Anata Ga Dai Kirai”
  8. The Hidden Cameras – “Death Of A Tune” (Vinyl Version)
  9. David Lynch – “The Ghost Of Love”
  10. Billy Bragg – “The Marriage”
  11. The Backyardigans – “Go, Go, Go!”
  12. Figures On A Beach – “No Stars” (Club Remix)
  13. Ginga Densetsu Weed – “Opening Theme (E.G. Version)”
  14. The Straight Story – “Rose’s Theme”
  15. Wonder Pets! – “Poor Baby Squirrel”
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