Ponyo, Bare PÃ¥ Norsk?!

Just returned from my li’l vacation to Germany, I look to see if the film District 9 has premiered in Norway yet. It hasn’t, but I see that the newest Studio Ghibli anime film, Ponyo On The Cliff By The Sea, premiered here last week. Awesome! I’ve been looking forward to seeing that.

Except, they’re only showing the Norwegian dubbed version of it. Yet they’re showing the original language versions of G-Force and Ice Age 3 currently, which are pure popcorn flicks, as opposed to the Studio Ghibli films which are, for the most part, considered cinematic masterpieces and are of great interest to most serious film aficionados (and of course anime geeks).

So, I am rather annoyed. I’ll keep my eyes open to see if they suddenly start showing the original, but if they don’t I just might have to download it.

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